Jagannath Puri Temple Rath Yatra 2020

Jagannath Puri Temple Rath Yatra 2020

The Chief Priest of Shri Jagannath Temple, Puri with assistance from the legal team of Indic Collective Trust had filed an impleadment application and an application for recall of the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order dated 18 June 2020 in the Rath Yatra Matter [Odisha Vikash Parishad vs Union of India]. On 22 June 2020, the apex court after hearing the intervenors, modified it’s order allowing the annual Rath Yatra to be held in absence of public participation and with adequate measures with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The two applications and the modified order of SC can be downloaded from the links below.


Modified Order_22June2020 (Pdf)

Application for Recall of Order (Pdf)

Impleadment Application (Pdf)


  • Dhawan Gupta

    June 22, 2020

    Gratitude from deepest of my heart for your efforts.
    कृतज्ञ हूँ, हृदय से।

  • Puja

    June 23, 2020

    Thanks to Indic collective for taking this step

  • Dinesh Kumar S Nair

    July 19, 2020

    Wonderful to see and experience the clarity of purpose and core professionalism behind this organisation in its chosen areas. I am sure your intervention will help the cause of Hinduism, an harmless way of life practised by a majority of the population here.

  • Deepak Chari

    July 25, 2020

    Wonderful activity by Indic Collective with regards to Jagannath Puri Temple Order by SC and the amendment thereafter.
    We Sanatan dharmiya need a legal representation to the Government on the following anomalies:
    1. Remove any control of Govt or any other non-Hindu entity on all of our temples by a certain timeframe/date. If not, all Hindus to stop paying tax to the government.
    2. Stop spending of public money by state governments on religious institutions, preachers of hate and for converting Hindus.


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