Formed to stand for the cause of all things Indic, this group of individuals, activists and advocates is determined to pave the way for an Indic renaissance.

T.R. Ramesh


Sri T.R. Ramesh is the president of the Indic Collective. He is a relentless campaigner against violations and irregular practices in temple administration. He has taken on the HR & CE Department in several temples and on several issues across Tamil Nadu.

Ravilochanan Iyengar


Ravilochanan is a finance professional who is interested in economics and history. Is a student of Indic orthopraxy, philosophy and keen on demographic studies. A believer in constitutional process to arrive at solutions for the problems undermining Indic communities at large.

Anjali George


Anjali George is an activist, writer and a reformer who is extremely passionate and ardent about the preservation of Indic and indigenous cultures. She is one of the pioneers behind the ‘ready to wait’ movement, which was launched in opposition of a politically motivated attack by so called feminists on the tradition of Sabarimala temple. She also serves as a group member of the ‘People for Dharma’.

Shreehari Kutsa


Shreehari Kutsa is a Bengaluru-based Chartered Accountant turned Advocate practicing mainly in the Karnataka High Court and various tax Tribunals. He is committed to the cause of freeing Hindu Temples from Government control and protecting Indic spaces from interference by the elected and unelected State authorities. Shreehari is also working on tackling demographic inversion.

Madhusudhan Srinivasan


Madhusudhan Srinivasan is a scientist with training in polymeric materials science with an emphasis on bio-based products & sustainable development. He is deeply interested in dharmic & environmental issues.

Ashish Dhar


Ashish Dhar is a Mechanical Engineer turned Social Entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Pragyata, the operations partner of Indic Collective and manages the outreach, communication, IT and other back-end operations of the trust.