Focus Areas

The broad objective of the ICT is to advocate, through Constitutional and democratic means, the right of the Indic way of life to exist and thrive.


Creating a cohesive and co-ordinated narrative highlighting the Indic perspective.

Legal Action

Tactical cases at a local/regional level all the way up to Constitutional reforms.


For Indic-minded activists, academicians, public figures to contribute to result-oriented actions.

Ushering in an Indic Renaissance

Given the rapidly shrinking space for Indic thought, values and worldview in the land of its birth, coupled with the absence of a professional and concerted response to the unconstitutional and illegal encroachment of the Indic space on various fronts, it has become imperative to channel Indic aspirations and energies in the right direction. The ICT depends on transparent crowd-funding to sustain its legal and advocacy initiatives.


Freeing Hindu Religious Institutions from unconstitutional State control

Illegal immigrants

Deportation of illegal immigrants posing a threat to demographic balance & national security

Free Speech

Repealment of outmoded “blasphemy laws” that curb Freedom of Expression


Illegal or fraudulent conversions of adherents of Indic faiths to non-Indic faiths


Unconstitutional treatment of Indic educational institutions


Retrieval of stolen Indic religious and cultural artefacts

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ICT’s comments on the National Education Policy 2019

To Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Chairman, The Committee for Draft National Education Policy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Dear Dr. Kasturirangan, We write on behalf of the Indic Collective Trust, a Chennai-based trust registered in 2017 under the […]

Refugee status of Rohingyas and India’s decision to send them back: An Analysis – PART II

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